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The Glen Grant Unveils The Glasshouse Collection

Speyside distillery celebrates legacy with exceptionally aged whiskies inspired by founder’s Victorian glasshouse.

The Glen Grant Single Malt Scotch Whisky introduces a new pinnacle in their portfolio: The Glasshouse Collection. This prestigious range features the oldest expressions ever permanently offered by the distillery, showcasing the remarkable aging potential of The Glen Grant spirit.

Inspired by a Visionary Forefather

The Glasshouse Collection draws inspiration from James “The Major” Grant, a charismatic innovator and avid traveler. His Victorian-inspired glasshouse, built in 1886, served as a haven for delicate plants collected from his global adventures. This dedication to preserving precious things resonates with the careful aging process that brings these single malts to life.

A Journey Through Time and Light

Each expression in The Glasshouse Collection reflects a distinct time of day within the Major’s glasshouse, using light as a metaphor for the character of the aged spirit. The collection comprises three whiskies:

  • The Glen Grant 21-Year-Old: Representing the first light of dawn, this expression boasts a fresh and vibrant character with tropical fruit notes, creamy butter, and a lingering crème brûlée finish. (46% ABV, natural color, non-chill filtered)
  • The Glen Grant 25-Year-Old: Evoking the golden hour, this whisky unveils itself with velvety smoothness and notes of dried stone fruit, toffee, dark chocolate, zesty orange, oak, and nutmeg. The finish offers warm spice with a subtle hint of smoke. (46% ABV, natural color, non-chill filtered)
  • The Glen Grant 30-Year-Old: Bathed in the tranquility of moonlight, this rare expression presents a complex bouquet of oak, nectarine, honey, and dried fruit. Each sip reveals depth and maturity, with flavors of demerara sugar and a velvety creaminess leading to a sweet and fruity finish. (48% ABV, natural color, non-chill filtered)

A Multi-Sensory Experience

To further elevate the tasting experience, The Glen Grant has partnered with artist Lachlan Turczan. His “A Day in the Glasshouse” installation, part of his “Optical Resonance” series, utilizes light and water to create immersive reflections that mirror the characteristics of each whisky.

A Legacy of Innovation

The launch of The Glasshouse Collection marks a significant milestone for The Glen Grant. It coincides with the retirement of legendary Master Distiller Dennis Malcolm OBE, whose final act is this exceptional release. His legacy will be carried forward by Greig Stables, who played a pivotal role in creating the collection.

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