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Laws Whiskey House Champions Colorado River with Headwaters Series Bourbon

Colorado Distillery Pours Back with Limited-Edition Bourbon, Donating 10% of Sales to Water Preservation Efforts

Laws Whiskey House, a leader in sustainability within the spirits industry, announces its Headwaters Series Four Grain Bourbon. This special release marks the first in a limited series dedicated to raising awareness and supporting critical water conservation efforts in Colorado.

A Commitment to Sustainability and Community

The Headwaters Series reflects Laws Whiskey House’s deep commitment to environmental responsibility. By donating ten percent of sales from the series to Colorado’s leading water conservation programs, Laws aims to spark conversation and inspire action around protecting the state’s vital rivers.

Honoring the Colorado River

The inaugural release, Headwaters Series Four Grain Bourbon, celebrates the iconic Colorado River, the lifeblood of the West. Crafted with the highest quality Colorado-grown grains and aged in charred oak barrels, this unique bourbon embodies the spirit of the region. A portion of water used to proof the spirit comes directly from the Rocky Mountain-fed headwaters of the Colorado River itself.

Laws Whiskey House Champions Flavors Inspired by the Land

Aged for three years and bottled at 50% alcohol by volume, Headwaters Series Four Grain Bourbon offers a distinctive flavor profile. Expect notes of orange peel, cinnamon, vanilla custard, sweet tobacco, and spice, culminating in a rich, dry finish.

Giving Back to Ensure a Sustainable Future

“We’re dedicated to preserving Colorado’s rivers for future generations,” says Al Laws, founder of Laws Whiskey House. “This series extends beyond our distillery walls, allowing us to support organizations like the Shoshone Water Right Preservation, which safeguards the Colorado River’s health.”

Laws Whiskey House Headwaters Series Four Grain Bourbon: More Than Just a Sip

Laws Whiskey House Headwaters Series Four Grain Bourbon is an opportunity to savor a delicious bourbon while contributing to a worthy cause. Available online at the Laws Whiskey House website for $84.99, this limited-edition expression pays homage to Colorado’s natural splendor and empowers consumers to become part of the solution.

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