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Templeton Forges a New Frontier Announcing Fortitude Straight Bourbon

ntroducing Fortitude:

For generations, the name Templeton has whispered tales of Prohibition defiance and rye whiskey excellence. But today, a new chapter unfolds. Introducing Fortitude, Templeton’s groundbreaking straight bourbon, forged in the fiery spirit of Iowa and ready to conquer your palate.

More Than Just Whiskey:

Fortitude isn’t just a bourbon; it’s a testament to resilience, innovation, and the unwavering determination that defines both Templeton and the American Midwest. Each bottle embodies the grit of Iowa farmers, the wisdom of seasoned distillers, and the relentless pursuit of perfection.

A symphony of Flavors:

Born from a high-corn mash bill and aged in charred oak barrels, Fortitude bursts with a symphony of flavors. On the nose, warm caramel and vanilla swirl with hints of toasted oak and sweet corn. Each sip explodes with honeyed sweetness, rich spices, and a touch of oaky tannin, culminating in a long, satisfying finish that echoes the vast Iowa prairie.

Beyond the Bottle:

Fortitude isn’t just a beverage; it’s an invitation to experience the heart of American craftsmanship. With each sip, you taste the dedication, the passion, and the unwavering fortitude that defines this exceptional bourbon.

Raise a Glass to the Future:

Templeton Fortitude is a bold new chapter in the brand’s legacy. It’s a bourbon that demands to be savored, contemplated, and shared. Whether you’re a seasoned whiskey aficionado or a curious newcomer, Fortitude offers an invitation to explore the soul of American spirits and discover the unexpected flavors of the Midwest.

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